Wednesday, January 13, 2010

whats on my mind?

Whats on my mind? People to be honest there is just to many thoughts. I really have to many things runnning through my head that if I were to write about them this post would never end.
Well here it goes, Im wondering if I will even pass my mane classes this summester, oh im also thinking about getting a tatoo done after my b-day. Im also wondering if my parents are pround of me or not because I've been trying to put forth a good effort in school. Im thinking about some family members that I really miss sence they left this world to go to the next. like my uncle jerry (R.I.P) man I miss you, I hope your looking down on me with a smile on your face, & I hope your proud of me because im trying. I feel like sence he left that there was a lot of things that he didn't get to teach me. I also feel like that with my great Gandma (R.I.P) i miss her a lot too theres so many things that she didn't get to teach me be for she left & i hope she proud of me too. I think the same thing with my aunty(R.I.P). These are just acuple of things that are my mind.

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